The Special Ukulele Class!


Beginner Level : 
This course does not require any experience in playing the ukulele. The course starts at the basic level for the person who has never played the instrument. You will be learning and using techniques in this course that will help you learn faster than the conventional ways of learning. This course was designed to get the student to play the ukulele as soon as possible as well as learn the necessary basic chords for the instrument. Most students are playing the ukulele after the first class.
Student can play basic of Major and Minor chords. Learning how to strums pattern variations. To have basic of knowledge about the melody, chords and keys which can be applied to other instruments as well. Preliminary of reading ukulele tab can be used to further Fingerstyle playing in the next level.

Intermediate Level:
This course was intended for the student who wants a more in-depth study of the ukulele music. You will learn how to play advance Major7th, Minor7th, Dominant7th chords in all patterns that you will encounter in general music. This class is to help you learn the major pentatonic, and minor pentatonic scales which is the fundamental basic to start for song writing and improvising. . Additional information is provided for advanced finger picking patterns, advanced strums, moveable chords and applied music theory.

Course Fee ( 8 hour)
Grop 3-5 people : 2,400 Baht / people
2 people : 5,000 Baht / people
Private : 6,400 Baht / people


James Hill Course ( Ukulele in the Classroom ) which is a famous course throughout the world. The Ukulele in the Classroom course is a performance-based ukulele method through which students explore elements of music including melody, harmony, rhythm, form, tempo, dynamics, and tone. Areas of skill include singing, picking, strumming, ear training, sight-reading, and music theory. The course will be divided into Level 1, 2 and 3 in each level will have books and learning materials(CD, song sheets, supplementary books) that are suitable for each level. It is expected that students will gain, to a level consistent with their abilities, a working understanding of music.

Course Fee ( 12 hour)
Grop 3-5 people : 5,400 Baht / people
2 people : 7,500 Baht / people
Private : 9,600 Baht / people

At Baan Ukulele
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